Excellence Based in Integrity

Tou-ou Patent Firm was founded in January 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. The patent attorneys and staff at Tou-ou Patent Firm have a high level of expertise as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience, and have established a long-term relationship of trust with clients including major corporations and universities, particularly in areas such as electrical and mechanical engineering.

The environment surrounding intellectual property has changed dramatically in recent years, and the services that are sought after have become increasingly complex as well as global in scale. In order to suitably defend intellectual property rights, it is necessary not only to stay constantly abreast of the latest technologies as well as the application of the law, but also to be able to communicate effectively as well as make quick decisions in a flexible manner.

As specialists in intellectual property, we at Tou-ou Patent Firm obviously must accomplish our work in a faithful and competent manner.

However, that alone is not enough to establish decades-long partnerships with our clients. We aim not to be tied to old practices, nor to settle for existing circumstances, but to do everything necessary in order to give our absolute best counsel to guide our clients to further growth.

Our sincere and honest approach as well as our absolute dedication to our work are perhaps just as desired as our expertise, and are perhaps the qualities needed in order to establish Japan as an intellectual property power.

We will continue to take the utmost pride in our work, and to strive for excellence based in integrity.